Breaking into your dream job

Taylor Lorenz, March 2022

A referal is key to landing your dream job

Have you wanted to work at Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon or any other top-tier company, but don't hear back from recruiters? A referral from a current employee can go a long way to you landing an interview and eventually a job!

Most companies have employee referral programs, which help give candidates more visibility to recruiters and hiring managers. So, how do you get referred? That's where ReferMarket helps. 

Referrals until now have been for those who were privileged with abundent connections but were difficult for all others. ReferMarket is on the forefront of democratizing this and helping undeserved communities get the job they've always wanted.

How do people usually get referrals now without a direct connection?

Typically folks reach out over Linkedin and try to network before they ask for a referral. But this can be long, difficult and ultimately ineffecitve to actually getting a referral. It can also be tough for certain groups of people who may feel uncomfortable networking. Besides that, no one wants to be that person that spams messages to everyone with “cAn We GeT cOvFeFe”. People talk, and you'll eventually be outed as that guy.

ReferMarket saves you the hassle!

Making referrals easily accessible to anyone and everyone is one of the biggest reasons ReferMarket was created. Come request a referral now!

How it works

Our process is very simple and straightforward, we're with you every step of the way.

1) About You

We collect information related to your referral request.

2) Matching

Our matching algorithm maximizes your referral chances by finding the right employees to fullfil your referral request(s).

3) Execution

If we are able to find any matches, your referral(s) will be submitted!

If we are unable to find you a match, we will provide you with detailed feedback on how to improve your candidacy the next time you need a referral.

4) Follow-Up

Finally, we’ll follow-up to ensure your referral lands you an interview!

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